What Are Infoceuticals?

Following the breakthrough research in structured water science, water memory, and the properties of resonance within the body, Fraser and Massey knew this advanced research held the key to restoring accurate information within the Human Body-field (HBF).

Structured water was shown to receive, store, and transmit information. And by holding a strong, coherent signal — like healthy cells do — structured water can use the principle of resonance to influence the fields of unhealthy cells and bring those fields back into coherence.

This is what Infoceuticals are designed for, and why they have produced such remarkable results in thousands upon thousands of people.

There are two keys here. First, Infoceuticals have to carry the right information to correct specific aspects of the HBF. Proprietary algorithms were developed by Fraser’s matching techniques to represent corrective information through code, and this is imprinted into Infoceuticals using modulated photons.

Second, Infoceuticals must carry a strong, stable signal. This is done by imprinting them under a 10,000 volt electrostatic field.

In this way, again, Infoceuticals act like the information of healthy cells, using the principle of resonance to bring unhealthy cells back into alignment, back into coherence with the rest of the system, supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and be energized.

How do you determine what Infoceuticals to recommend?

The BioEnergetix Wellness bioenergetic scan detects energy field distortions and incorrect information. The program sorts the highest priorities for correction and those which will give the most benefit to the whole Human Body-field at that time. This will be shown as the recommended Infoceuticals in the scan results. There are other Infoceuticals that can be used to address specific symptoms, help with detox, improve the mental or emotional state, or boost the immune system that can be added to the basic recommendations if needed or desired.

The Foundation Standard Protocol is designed to correct the HBF by working from the most fundamental corrections such as Big Field Alignment and Polarity, and circadian rhythms such as Day and Night.  Aligning with these very large energies such as the earth's fields and the energy sources required during the day and the night is essential to fully correct the individual fields in our own bodies.

Then we go on to powering the organ fields with the Energetic Drivers, and on to regulating and organizing information flow with the Energy Integrators. These fields build on each other and flow into each other so it is important to correct them in the right order.

What are Infoceuticals made of?

Infoceuticals are produced through a process of imprinting quantum data into liquid minerals for delivery into the HBF at the subatomic level. The Infoceuticals activate a holistic matrix of innate healing responses and can be thought of as a modern-day homeopathy or “quantumopathy” that is delivered in liquid form.

It stands alone in its unique essence and action, incorporating biology, Chinese medicine, quantum physics, and technology to stimulate innate and powerful holistic healing activation.

Infoceuticals consist of pure water (spring water, highly filtered and ozonated), plant-based colloidal minerals, and a slight amount of ethanol used as a preservative. As set forth in Decoding the Human Body-Field, “the process of imprinting is complex, but it involves converting the holographic information into data sets, creating large electrostatic fields, injecting photons of certain colors, and managing other physics and engineering parameters that are proprietary to NES” (Decoding, p.181).

What is the difference between the EDs, EIs, ETs, ESs, and Brain Holograms,
and what can each of these different Infoceuticals do for me?

The Infoceuticals naturally activate the body's innate healing and detoxifying abilities in a specific and preferred order. They work at the energetic level of the Human Body-field (HBF) which acts as a master control system, regulating and integrating physical, chemical, emotional, and mental aspects of the body and mind. Infoceuticals are information as medicine.

The Energetic Drivers restore integrity to the organ Driver fields to energize the HBF. They are each also related to the maturation of specific body cells, especially immune system cells. So they play an important role in maintaining immune system functions. The ED Infoceuticals work in two stages, first it will stimulate detoxification of toxins from body storage sites and support their elimination. As the toxicity clears, it will begin re-energizing the organ fields. As they gain more energy, the Driver fields will regain the ability to support the organ functions and the Human Body-field as a whole.

Energetic Integrators govern information transfer in the body. They ensure that the right piece of information reaches the required place at the correct time. Related cells act in unison, and while there are certainly chemical transfers between cells, they can react faster than can possibly be explained by chemical communication alone. There is a virtual information transfer process involved, and biophysics provides a credible explanation for these processes. The EI Infoceuticals return integrity to the Energetic Integrators where they have become distorted. Each Integrator regulates different aspects of the body's functions, including system functions, elements, compounds, cells, organs, enzymes and emotions. Toxins, micro-organisms, electromagnetic pollution, heavy metals and other factors can all distort the Energetic Integrators.

The Energetic Terrains provide healing messages for self-repair of body tissues. As 'Super Cell Drivers' they work at the micro level rather than the macro level as the rest of the Infoceuticals do. They form an important part of the body's energetic immune system, and relate to energetic environments that correlate to emotions. High ET readings can indicate that certain healing messages have become distorted, resulting in perpetuation of illness rather than healing. Previous infections can leave an energetic imprint resulting in distortion of the ET field. ET Infoceuticals correct those field distortions and promote healing.

The Energetic Stars are like mini information networks which function as subsystems of the more complex Big Body Field. They act as metabolic pathways governing energy usage and are arranged in a strict sequence to provide the body with maximum assurance of survival. ES Infoceuticals are used in cases where there appears to be blockages reducing the effectiveness of NES protocols or for cases where energy is needed to reestablish processes from the ground up. Several of the Energetic Stars are classified as Feel Good Infoceuticals as they provide a general uplifting effect.

The Brain Holograms indicate what is happening in the mind and support change within the subconscious. Emotional trauma and shock conflicts occur when a person experiences an unexpected, dramatic, emotional shock for which they have limited coping strategies. The shock can become imprinted into the subconscious and result in energetic oscillations within the brain. Eventually, if the shock is not liberated naturally or through therapy, it can manifest as a physical health issue. Brain Hologram Infoceuticals can aid in resolving past shock conflicts and aid in the integration of the Brain Holograms with the Heart and the subconscious Matrix. Each of the four BH Infoceuticals release shock conflicts residing in specific regions of the brain. Each BH is also associated with specific tissues and can correct chronic inflammation, loss of control of organs and tissues, or cessation of organ function due to no known cause.

Do Infoceuticals interfere with medications or supplements?

No, Infoceuticals can be taken along with any necessary medications and any nutritional or herbal supplements. As healing progresses, the need for medications or supplements may change gradually and can be adjusted as needed.

How are the Infoceuticals taken?

Infoceuticals are taken as liquid drops in a glass of water. The exact number of drops will depend on your sensitivity to the particular remedy. Sensitive people can start with 3 to 6 drops at first. A more normal dosage is 9 to 15 drops. The maximum dose is 28 drops. If you are feeling any response then the current dosage is working and should be maintained. If it is hard to tell if it is working, go to the next highest dose and see what happens.

Each Infoceutical is taken individually, in a separate glass of water to begin with. They need to be taken in order as listed in the Recommendations screen of your scan. The HBF has a very specific structure and each energy field connects to others in a specific order. The recommended order of your Infoceutical program takes all of this into account.

During your first Infoceutical program, start the Energetic Drivers one at a time starting at the lowest numbered ED and add any additional ED Infoceuticals one at a time on subsequent days until you are taking them all in numerical order on the same day. Energetic Drivers have the strongest detoxification effects so beginning them gradually will minimize any discomfort. You may need extra water during the first week to ten days to help clear toxins.

Once you are comfortable with your program, you can take them one after the other a few minutes apart, or even take them in the same glass of water.  Always add them in the recommended order for the best results.  Some discomfort can occur when they are taken out of order.

Do Infoceuticals have side effects?

No, they do not have side effects such as those seen with drugs but all healing processes can result in some uncomfortable symptoms as the body does its healing work. Detoxification is perhaps the best known healing process that can cause symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, joint pain, digestive discomfort or bowel changes.

When the immune system becomes more active or begins fighting off chronic infections, this can also result in feeling a bit ill or fatigued. Retracing old illnesses and symptoms can occur as the body goes to work on old unfinished or incomplete healing of health issues from the past. We all are familiar with the itching and aching that can occur when healing wounds and injuries, and even these sensations could re-occur if the original healing process was incomplete.

If you have any other questions, please use the Contact form and I'll be happy to answer them.  Read the Quantum Biology and Bioenergetic Fields article for more information on the Human Body-field and the powerful healing effects that correcting the field can have.