Quantum Biology and
Bioenergetic Fields

Nearly all medicine and other healing systems are working on a biochemical basis. This includes drug therapies, nutritional therapies and herbal therapies. Biochemistry is the dominant paradigm today in trying to explain the process of life. The primary model for all medicine is based on tissue activities and structure, and the biochemistry happening within them.

But decades of research has made it clear that this is only half of the picture. Quantum physics has shown us that everything is also energetic fields, and living systems generate a multitude of bioenergetic fields.

The Human Body-Field is a powerful and complex system that regulates and controls all biochemical and energetic activity in the body. Linking the well-researched and well-proven insights of quantum physics (which dates back to one hundred years now) with medicine and biology is called quantum biology or biophysics.

It includes the insights of biochemistry, acupuncture meridians and their energies, and electromagnetic fields. Decades of research has revealed a unifying principle that shows that all of these structures and systems are linked together.

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy. This is physics.

--Albert Einstein

Biochemistry Is Only Part of the Story

As important and powerful as biochemical knowledge and treatment methods are, ancient health practices such as acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, and the recent discoveries of quantum biology, demonstrate that there is much more to life processes than can be explained by biochemistry alone.

There is now a huge body of evidence demonstrating that biochemistry offers only a partial explanation of how the body works. We have long known that chemistry is governed by the laws of quantum physics. Yet it has taken until recently to realize that biochemistry is also governed by the laws of quantum physics.

The Human Body-Field (HBF) is dependent on the body’s physical chemistry for its existence. Where ever there is a chemical reaction, there is also an energetic reaction. Without chemical reactions, there would be no body-field, and without a body-field, the chemical reactions would be disorganized and chaos would reign.

The HBF plays a vital role in maintaining health and homeostasis, and supporting healthy cell function by providing an environment where cells can work effectively. If the HBF is compromised, cellular activity is adversely affected.

Many researchers and scientists have built upon the pioneering work in water science of Emoto, Benveniste, Montagnier, and Pollack, including bioenergetics researchers Professor Peter Fraser and Harry Massey.

Fraser and Massey focused their research on resetting and restoring healthy human body-fields with correct information. Fraser spent decades mapping out how the body-field functions, how information flows through it, how it is powered, and so on. Massey then brought this knowledge into the modern age by automating body-field assessments with computer technology. And together, they developed what are now known as Infoceuticals.

Fraser’s mapping process involved “matching” experiments with electronic equipment that recorded resonance between test items. He tested for these matches between different parts of the body to see what communicated with what. He also tested between parts of the body and other things like nutrients, toxins, and more.

Information is the foundation of every physical structure, whether an atom, a molecule, or human cells. Every structure is always sending this information out into the world at the same time it is receiving information from everything else. You might say everything has a unique “energy signature” picked up by anything else that resonates with that signature. These “matching” tests were based on the premise that the information that creates one thing can communicate with the information that creates another. While everything does interact with the information of everything else, certain things are in “resonance,” meaning that they have a strong, clear method of communication. In the human body, this creates optimal pathways for information to flow, similar to what traditional Chinese medicine referred to as meridians. And when everything in a system is speaking correctly, we say that it has coherence.

Healthy cells are coherent, and send out stronger communication signals than unhealthy cells, which have lost some of their coherence. The power of their signals can help to restore coherence in unhealthy cells, creating a healing process within the body-field. And of course this leads to a physical recovery as well.

Unfortunately, if coherence breaks down in too many cells — due to toxins, pathogens, stress, or trauma — the collective decoherence creates a stronger signal than that of healthy cells. And so they begin a disease process within the body-field, where healthy cells are pulled into decoherence and illness.

This is why coherence is so important in the human body. If cells stop communicating properly, disease follows. This is why our technology tests whether the body resonates with information it is supposed to resonate with. We are testing for coherence.

For in depth information on biophysics, and bioenergetic scanning and correction, read: Decoding the Human Body-Field: The   New Science of Information as Medicine, by Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey with Joan Parsi Wilcox.  

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The Information Super-Highway

The key to all life processes is information transfer. The actions of atoms, cells, tissues, organs and emotions etc., all require coordinating information. Cells need to know what they should be doing and what their neighbors are doing; organ functions need to be coordinated along with all other activities in the body.

In essence, the HBF forms the pathways for information transfer in the body. It ensures that the right information flows to the right place, at the right time, and in the correct way. There are literally millions of processes, which biochemical control mechanisms alone cannot fully explain.

The HBF is like a light bulb in that without power, the light bulb cannot shine. The structure of the body-field requires an energy source to energize it and allow it to function. Biophysics shows that activity involving chemical reactions, electrical impulses, ionic waves, low frequency sounds, thermal transfer, magnetic effects, and physical movements within tissue generates a field energy known as a ‘Driver’ field.

These Driver Fields center around sixteen major body organ systems known as the Energetic Drivers. The primary Driver is the Source Driver which catalyzes energy production throughout the body. If any one Energetic Driver is under-functioning, both the tissue activity that forms it and the HBF balance as a whole may be degraded.

The integrity of the Driver fields can be compromised by physical and energetic issues, including emotional stress, toxins and any form of shock or trauma. The ED Infoceuticals have been designed to correct Driver issues, restoring their integrity and ensuring the HBF is properly energized. Drivers also play an important part in immune system function.

Biophysical control systems work through information exchange. Body mechanisms require information in order to function The physical and chemical anatomy provide a conduit for these field energy transfers, and the subtle energies provide the instructions for the physical to perform its work.

The biochemical and the bioenergetic are two sides of the same coin and all body phenomenon include both. The bio-energetic scan detects incorrect information while the Infoceuticals return the information to its corrected state -- restoring proper HBF function.

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The Physical and The Virtual Reality

The relationship between the physical body and the informational transfer process is similar to having a train ticket. In order to travel on a train, you need a ticket. The ticket is made from paper and ink is printed onto its surface. Without the physical structure of the paper, the ticket could not exist. Yet, without the words on the ticket, it is simply a piece of card with no meaning.

The information carried on the ticket (destination, date, etc.) is a nonphysical, informational aspect to the ticket and gives it its usable function. The meaning of the information on the ticket is determined by interpreting the words on the ticket. Both the physical form and the subtle information are required to form the ticket. Both are equally important and interdependent.

In the human body, the body structure and chemistry is like the physical ticket. The meaning and function of the physical body is governed by the subtle information that is carried within it through the Human Body-Field.

If the information was incorrect, out of date or unreadable, the ticket would not be able to function. Both the physical part (real) and the information part (virtual) must be present, in usable form, and correct. They are mutually dependent. The same is true for our bodies.

The limitations of the biochemical model are like analyzing the chemical makeup of the ticket. This will reveal what it is made from, but the information it is carrying can never be revealed in this way. With information, we are adding another dimension, that of biophysics.

A common example of information confusion in the body is found in allergic reactions. With an allergy, the immune system misinterprets common food or environmental substances as invasive toxins. The subsequent immunoglobulin E (IgE) produced by the immune system induces histamine to flush out the foreign substance, resulting in the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction. If this case of mistaken identity or confusion can be corrected, the allergy will no longer exist.

Cells need to know exactly what is happening around them (external communication) and what is occurring within their own structures (internal communication). Like a school of fish swimming in unison, there is constant, subtle communication. The group of fish can change direction in an instant and as a whole. If there were only audible or visual communications, they would react slowly and soon break up and go their separate ways.

Related cells also act in unison, and while there are certainly chemical transfers between cells, they can react much faster than can possibly be explained by chemical communication alone. There is a virtual information transfer process involved, and biophysics provides a credible explanation for these processes.

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Instant Communication

Energetic Integrators (EIs) govern information transfer in the body. They ensure that the right piece of information reaches the required place at the correct time. They are magnetic vectors in the energy field surrounding DNA. They are magnetic entities that can be described using mathematics and quantum physics. The Energetic Integrators form the ‘route maps’ that direct internal communication in the body.

There are twelve distinct Energetic Integrators. They are each responsible for regulating specific body processes by forming specific information exchange pathways. Each contains information regulation functions ranging from simpler regulatory elements to complex emotions. Each is responsible for regulating different aspects of the body’s functions.

The bioenergetic scan reports on the energetic state of these EI fields. It portrays the energetic state of information transfer relating to specific system functions and activities, including related factors of elements, compounds, cells, organs, enzymes and emotions.

The EI Infoceuticals return integrity to the Energetic Integrators where they have become distorted. These distortions can be induced by toxic interference (industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides), micro-organisms (fungus, viruses, bacteria), electromagnetic pollution (xrays, microwaves, radio waves), heavy metals, and other factors.

According to biophysics, the central nervous system (CNS) and the fats of the body store the information required to operate the body functions and maintain homeostasis. This information has to be passed to all the cells and tissues of the body.

Biophysics research shows that the medium through which nervous system information is transferred to the cells is the blood. Information stored in the CNS is transferred to the heart through the cardiac nerves, and from there into the red blood cells and through the arterial system to the capillaries.

After the Source Driver comes the Imprinter Driver. It's job is to ensure that the information supplied to the heart is fully imprinted into the blood. If it is under-functioning, then information transfer throughout the body is inhibited. The Energetic Integrators act as translators and distributors. They convert the raw information supplied to the cell into instructions and distribute these to the appropriate parts of the cell.

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Scanning and Correcting the HBF

NES Health is the leader in bioenergetics: the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. They spent decades mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body. Collectively, these are called the Human Body-field (HBF), which acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity.

When this field is under-powered or distorted, it’s unable to run the body in an optimal way and the body’s cells and systems may begin to fail. Symptoms often begin with simply feeling tired, but they can continue into just about any known health problem. When we improve the function of the body-field, and we combine this with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, the body’s incredible healing system can take over and begin restoring the body to health.

The BioEnergetix Wellness System is the first to be able to interpret the functional status of the HBF. The bioenergetic scan detects an individual’s HBF structure.

It determines which Drivers are under-powered, which Integrators have become distorted, and a host of other vital pieces of energetic information relating to physical functions as well as mental and emotional processing. The scan also determines which Infoceuticals will bring the HBF back to its optimum condition.

It works like a radio tuner, scanning through many channels deciphering those which can be coherently received from those which have become distorted. In quantum physics, these interactions are seen as the effects of resonance.

In fact, resonance is the basis of homeopathy, emotional empathy, and many other phenomena. Peter Fraser’s discovery and mapping of the HBF has made it possible to use resonance phenomena in a measured, scientific way. The purpose of the ‘Infoceuticals’ is to provide the information required to rectify distortions and return functional integrity to the HBF.

To arrange for a long-distance NES Health bioenergetic scan and bioenergetic therapy, go to the Contact page.

For in depth information on biophysics, and bioenergetic scanning and correction, read Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine, by Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey with Joan Parsi Wilcox. (As an Amazon Associate I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.)