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My name is Theresa Vernon, trained in acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and nutrition.   I spent fifteen years fully resolving my own issues with chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue. It was through this process and through working with many thousands of patients for over 38 years, that I learned how complex this condition is. The methods I emphasize have stood the test of time and have proven to be the most cost effective.

I assist people by working long-distance all over the United States and in other countries. When working long-distance, we communicate by telephone and e-mail. Skype is also an option. The initial discussion we will have is to allow me to understand your concerns and goals to determine whether nutritional and/or herbal therapy is suitable to meet them. 

The original Nutritional Balancing system created by Dr. Paul Eck is the primary system I work with. His lab, Analytical Research Labs, pioneered the metabolic testing methods that Nutritional Balancing is based on.  It is a very well designed and clear system.  We use a specific type of hair tissue mineral analysis to determine the types of metabolic and biochemical imbalances present.  Working with the diet on an individual basis is certainly an important part of this process.

Copper toxicity and adrenal fatigue are both a cause and effect of those imbalances. Correcting the adrenal and metabolic disturbances allows the body to regain the ability to utilize and then excrete copper, and all the other essential nutrients. See Regaining Balance to understand the deeply disturbing effects of chronic stress and burnout.  If you have not read the copper toxicity article on my web site, I recommend it.

We would begin with the initial hair test, and initial consultation (we will take as long as you like for this).  There will be a large and educational lab report of your test results and I will send the entire report to you.  Working with me also includes unlimited follow-ups (this means you can email, text, or call as often as you need to). 
We re-test the hair to see your response to your program, learn more about your condition, and modify the Nutritional Balancing program if needed. The Nutritional Balancing protocols are precise nutrient formulas given according to the hair test results and depending on the imbalances you have can vary in size and expense.   

I am also an herbalist with over 40 years experience practicing Chinese herbal therapy. Pain, fatigue, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, infections and more can all be treated very effectively with herbal therapy. It is a wonderful way to address symptoms and improve them much more quickly while the deeper shifts that Nutritional Balancing makes possible are underway. Chinese herbal therapy can also be done as your primary therapy if you prefer. The herbal consultation is also part of the unlimited follow-ups with a Nutritional Balancing or NES Health program.

In addition, I work with NES Health Body-field scanning and correction which works at an energetic level to locate and correct disturbances in the many energy fields produced by the body. This bio-energetic medicine works at a level above the physical body to bring the Human body-field closer to its perfect blueprint. Read the article on Quantum Biology and bio-energetic fields on my website for more information.

If you would like to discuss any of this further, use the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  We can arrange a time to talk, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can set up a specific time to call, or we can correspond via email if you prefer.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
and Nutritional Balancing

All nutritional and herbal programs are based on the hair mineral test results along with extensive consultations.  Most hair testing is designed to detect heavy metal toxicities, but the hair test developed by Dr. Paul Eck is a metabolic test that reveals stress handling, glucose handling, protein utilization, adrenal fatigue and/or burnout, oxidation rate, and more.  We may also see some heavy metals or high copper, but these often do not show up until you have been on a healing program for some months.  

The hair testing process gives me a strong basis for understanding what the best therapies will be for your needs and is the basis for your Nutritional Balancing program.  The re-tests help us see how well the therapies are working and how best to adjust them.  I will arrange to send you a test kit through the mail.  You will return the test kit to me when you have completed it.

I will submit the hair sample and test form to Analytical Research Labs, the lab founded by Dr. Paul Eck, and the test results are usually received by me within ten days to two weeks.  I have always worked directly with Analytical Research Labs, utilizing the lab protocols that cured all of my chronic illnesses. 

Some practitioners have created their own systems of "Nutritional Balancing", but they are very different than the original, powerful healing program created by Dr. Paul Eck.  Restoring homeostasis and correcting a maladapted stress response is crucial to the healing process.  Detox, for example, will happen when the body is ready for it. See Regaining Balance for more on the deep healing process.

The test results are prepared in the form of a very comprehensive report that explains in detail what is being tested, the actual results, extensive background information related to the findings and detailed recommendations for the patient based on the test results.  The test recommendations are both dietary and for a specific Nutritional Balancing protocol that is appropriate for your current state of balance.

In certain cases, I may need to adjust the recommended program to better suit your needs.  Regular re-testing about every 3 to 4 months reveals more information about your condition and assures that the nutritional program is always current and addressing your specific needs. It is this re-testing and updating process, along with the precise and targeted nutrient protocols that give Nutritional Balancing its unusual effectiveness.  Once the results are in, we arrange to go over them in detail and decide what therapies will best meet your needs and abilities.

In addition, any recommendations for Chinese Herbal Therapy will be discussed and implemented if appropriate.  Bioenergetic Scanning and Correcting is also an option, or it can be done on its own.  Regular communication is essential to succeed in implementing the therapies, to adjust for any special needs, and in coaching any dietary changes involved. This is done through telephone and e-mail contact as often as needed to resolve the issues or concerns.  You will have unlimited follow-ups while working a program with me.

Scanning and Correcting the
Human Body-Field

The NES Health System is the first to be able to interpret the functional status of the Human Body-field. The bioenergetic scan detects an individual’s HBF structure.

It determines which fields have energy drains or have become blocked and will show the effects of trauma and other information relating to physical functions as well as mental and emotional processing. The scan also determines which Infoceuticals will bring the body-field back to its optimum condition.

It works like a radio tuner, scanning through many channels deciphering those which can be coherently received from those which have become distorted. In quantum physics, these interactions are seen as the effects of resonance.

In fact, resonance is the basis of homeopathy, emotional empathy, and many other phenomena. Peter Fraser’s discovery and mapping of the HBF has made it possible to use resonance phenomena in a measured, scientific way. The purpose of the ‘Infoceuticals’ is to provide the information required to rectify distortions and return functional integrity to the HBF.

The NES Heath System detects and analyses the HBF structure, indicates which Drivers are under-powered, which Integrators have become blocked, and provides a host of other vital pieces of information relating to physical as well as mental and emotional processing. It also determines which Infoceuticals are required to bring the HBF back to its optimum condition. Infoceuticals provide the information required to correct any distortions and thus return functional integrity to the HBF.

Nutritional Balancing and Bioenergetic Correction work very well together and the combination can greatly improve healing as well as speed up the healing process.  However, the NES Health System can also be done on its own as the primary therapy.

To arrange for a long-distance NES Health bioenergetic scan and bioenergetic therapy, contact me.

For in depth information on biophysics, bioenergetic scanning and correction, read Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine, by Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey with Joan Parsi Wilcox.

Every Healing Program Is Unique

Each person is unique and there is no single therapy that can address everyone's needs. For some, Nutritional Balancing  is all they need and they feel better very quickly.   For others, Bioenergetic Scanning and Correction may be the preferred approach.  Or the addition of Chinese Herbal Therapy,  special diets, and possibly some special adjustments and experiments may be required to get it just right.

In some cases, these methods may not be appropriate for the condition. Every therapy is specific to you based on your condition, needs and abilities.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with me to improve your health issues, please fill in the contact form. If you would like me to call you directly, include the best telephone number to reach you. Or we can correspond via e-mail to answer any questions you may have.

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